Breastfeeding should not be a painful experience,

But it is one of the hardest challenges for most moms today. 

Most of us didn't grow up learning how to breastfeed by watching mothers feed their babies. In our culture it is just not the norm. So here we are in our room at 2 AM trying desperately to figure out how to get our baby to latch. This may be why you’re on this website now! I would like to help you by first looking at where you are feeding your baby in your home.  What breast pillow are you using, or are you using a breast pillow? Are the lights on or off? Are you watching TV or are you trying to stay awake but holding open your eyes?  Are you able to go back to sleep after you feed? Is your baby showing you cues to wake up or are you listening out for cries?  How can your support person help you if you are the only one that can feed your baby? 

I enjoy making a plan with new moms to help make their life just a little bit easier during the challenges of early breastfeeding. Try to relax. Give yourself a lot of grace. Take a deep breath and drop your shoulders. And reach out for help. I'll be there!


I have been a Mother/Baby Nurse for eight years and a registered nurse for 12. I became an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) three years ago and my specialty is in newborn care up to six weeks of age and then returning to work. I work with all moms that need information about feeding their babies, including supplementation and eventually weaning.

I have two children of my own and reached out for a lot of support in the lactation community- including attending a breastfeeding support group every week. Breastfeeding was not easy for me! I cried a lot and had so many questions for my pediatrician.  I was given a ton of advice from my friends and although they were trying to help me, most of the advice wasn't specific for my baby and me. Every mom/baby is unique! So much depends on the baby's mouth, your breasts, previous surgeries, placement of pillows, gestational age and even the age of the mom. All of these issues and more can make breastfeeding a challenge. What worked for your girlfriend and her baby may not necessarily work for you!  A Lactation consultant can complete a full assessment on mom and baby and make a plan specific just for you two.

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